Sampler Woodenware

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[Photo of Jewelry Box]

Jewelry Box

Item 5JB
Description Jewelry Box
Size 12x10-1/2x16-1/2
5 drawer jewelry box with lined drawers. Also made in 2 drawer and 3 drawer sizes.

[Photo of Cherry Initials]

Cherry Initials

Item 81
Description Cherry Initials
Size Cut from 10 inch square
Cherry initials make perfect wedding, anniversary, graduation and house warming gifts.

[Photo of Quilt Rack]

Quilt Rack

Item 801
Description Quilt Rack
Size 31x21-1/2x30
Quilt racks are made up to 36 inches wide

[Photo of Hanging Quilt Rack]

Hanging Quilt Rack

Item 801H
Description Hanging Quilt Rack
Size 42x12

[Photo of Bed Steps]

Bed Steps

Item 4
Description Bed Steps
Size 16x13x15

[Photo of Cherry Cutting Boards]

Cherry Cutting Boards

Item 73-75
Description Cherry Cutting Boards
Size 9x19
Finished with mineral oil on one side for cutting

[Photo of 36 Inch Plate Rail]

36 Inch Plate Rail

Item 2
Description 36 Inch Plate Rail
Size 36x6-1/2x25
Plate rails are also made in a 24 inch width

[Photo of Clock Shelves]

Clock Shelves

Item 23-25
Description Clock Shelves
Size 18-24-36 inch lengths
Clock shelves are made with or without pegs and can be ordered in special lengths